Only the Bartender

(1) Bartender


(2) Bartenders


(3) Bartenders


Shirtless Male Bartenders and Special Attire Bartenders


per bartender

Only the Server

(1) Server


(2) Servers


(3) Servers


Any additional Servers beyond (3): $27/hr

Only the Bar

Large Bar with Umbrella and Stools


(4hr minimum)

Additional Offers

Specialty Cocktail


Help with Putting together a Specialty Cocktail Menu and Shopping List

Mixers and Garnishes


Shopping for Mixers and Garnishes

Ice Pick Up



Included with Large Bar: Cooler, 4 Stainless Steal Tubs for Chilling Drinks, Bar Tools, Floor protection Mat, Splash Mats, Garnish Rack, Salt/Sugar Tray, Napkin & Straw Holder & Bar Mixing Tools.

4 Hour Minimum Booking

A One-Half Deposit is Required to Secure Bookings and Rentals.