Beauty & the Bar, LLC has quickly become the hottest go to resource for transforming a simple social gathering into the most talked about affair. Not only do we provide stunning male and female models, but have screened each team member to assure your event will be catered by personable, professional bartenders and servers.

Our flexible service plans offer you the ability to customize your event to the optimum level of service and creativity, ensuring you will be enjoying your event as much as your guests.


Alison Dahlstrom moved to Los Angeles from the SF Bay Area to pursue a career in acting. She was 18 at the time, like many other struggling actors who first move to LA, she started off waiting tables. She soon discovered that the alcohol industry proved to be more lucrative and offered higher pay and tips. She attended National Bartending School and began working private parties and events as a bartender. She recognized an increasing demand for private party staffing and given her experience working as a contracted bartender, believed that her ability to understand and empathize with other bartenders could lead to enhanced business practices if she were to start her own company.

At the age of 26, she launched, Beauty and the Bar LLC. Shortly thereafter, Alison began working towards her BSM/MBAJ at Pepperdine University in their fully employed program. Alison’s previous experience working as a bartender and education have been greatly contributed to the success of the organization.