Only the Bartender

(1) Bartender


(2) Bartenders


(3) Bartenders


Any additional Bartenders beyond (3): $29/hr each.

Only the Server

(1) Server


(2) Servers


(3) Servers


Any additional Servers beyond (3): $27/hr

Only the Bar

Large Bar with Umbrella and Stools


(4hr minimum) + $25 delivery

Additional Offers

Specialty Cocktail


Help with Putting together a Specialty Cocktail Menu and Shopping List

Mixers and Garnishes


Shopping for Mixers and Garnishes


Included with Large Bar: Cooler, 4 Stainless Steal Tubs for Chilling Drinks, Bar Tools, Floor protection Mat, Splash Mats, Garnish Rack, Salt/Sugar Tray, Napkin & Straw Holder & Bar Mixing Tools.

4 Hour Minimum Booking

A One-Half Deposit is Required to Secure Bookings and Rentals.