Top 5 Mistakes Hosts Make When Planning the for the Bar

    Mistake #1

This is the #1 mistake made by party hosts since, besides the alcohol, it is quite possibly the most important ingredient. Not only is ice needed for the drinks, themselves but also for chilling as well. When planning to provide the ice, here are some aspects to consider:

  1. How long will the party go? Is the party inside or outside? Will it last the duration of time it sits out?
  2. Where will I store the extra bags of ice to prevent them from melting?
  3. Who will be the designated person to run and get the ice if we do run low?
  4. Where will we dispose of the ice water as it melts?
  5. To calculate the amount of ice needed, you may visit:

    Mistake #2: Everyone wants Vodka.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have arrived to bartend a private party to find 10 bottles of vodka and only one bottle of Jack Daniels or tequila. Don’t get me wrong, Vodka is an important liquor to have at the bar. Its lack of flavor means it mixes well to form a number of various cocktails. At any event, however, there seem to be those 5 men who battle each other over that last drop of JD or the Birthday Girl who comes to the bar to take that tequila shot with her friends but comes to find out everyone already beat her to it. It’s typically quite disappointing for these guests when they find out all that is left are those remaining 5 bottles of vodka that nobody got through drinking.

    Mistake #3: A place to dispose of excess liquid.

Oh…that awkward moment when the only place to dispose of that extra tequila is in your rose bush. If you do not have an outdoor bar with a sink, please make sure to have a trash bin that can hold excess liquid.

    Mistake #4: Setting up the station – Just pull out that Muddler & Mixing Spoon.

Setting up a bar station takes more work than simply pulling out a few tools. Aspects to consider include:

  1. Are the garnishes cut and prepared?
  2. Is there a drink menu on display or is the alcohol we have available displayed so that guests are aware of their options?
  3. Are the glasses to be used nearby and ready for use?

    Mistake #5: The bartender doesn’t know if they should put out a TIP jar.

Often times a host will forget to consider the method they would like to use for tipping. At casual parties it is not uncommon for a bartender to display a TIP jar. However, if you are looking to throw a more elegant event and would prefer to take care of the bartender after the party, it is a good idea to let them know prior to their shift. This is useful because TIPS are a huge incentive for keeping the bartender happily motivated throughout their shift. If the bartender is not informed that they will be tipped after, they may be distracted throughout the event process, wondering if they will be short-changed at the end.

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